TODAY TURNED OUT TO BE A HELLUVA RIDE.  Got to prove OneBikeToRuleThemAll concept, got mugged on the Thug Ride, got to sing HBD to Justin, and just for good measure...

... a onceinalifetime experience getting shelled riding renegade through Camp Pendleton Marine Base.

One of these things will likely never be done again.

First things first... I've been riding my sexy BMC URS - aka Showtime - with full gravel set up for months now.  Partly 'cause it's dern fun, partly 'cause the Srambassador parts for my sexy BMC Teammachine are floating somewher off the coast...

... so last night I mounted up my sexy ENVE 5.6s and through 'em on Showtime.  

Things went beautifully because both sets of wheels have ENVE hubs.  Slotted them in, didn't even need to touch the brakes.  

Right off the bike felt faster... duh Diesel, you put deep dish roadie wheels with Pirelli tubeless tires.  I felt pretty confident I'd be able to hang on the Thug Ride.

The Thug Ride is made up of the killers who used to do Swami's, the badassiest ride in these parts.  Every Friday they post the route for Saturday morning.  It makes for an exciting ride.  I hung on pretty dern good.  Considering I haven't done any road intensity for months, I can say in all honesty...

... if you want OneBikeToRuleAll, a killer gravel bike and 2 sets of wheels is a legit option.

I would only say if you're truly racing road, you're gonna need a proper road racer.  I never really spun out.  The bike is a few pounds heavier due to it's design for comfort and taking a beating, plus the 20mm of rear travel/bumper.  But, I don't think that mattered much.  The only thing that mattered to speak of was being in the perfect gear on the extremely fast climbs.  But, like I said... 

... unless you're truly roadie racing, this is a gloriously easy way to go.

We finished the Thug,
I was feeling smug.

So much so that rather than drive home with MattnCharlienJimmy I opted to ride home - another 50ish miles with MikenEricnChris.

You would have, too.
55 degrees.
Beautiful people out.
Along the coast.

No, I haven't ridden a hundy in months... maybe a year?

No, I didn't have enough food to make it.

Yes, I clearly was going to get a taste of my own medicine... and find myself begging for sugar!

When you ride through Camp Pendleton you have to have a special ID.  Eric had a current one.  Mike's had expired yesterday.  Mine expired  last year.  Chris didn't even have one.  We got lucky at the guard station... the alternative is riding the freeway where the minimum speed limit in the right hand lane is 200 mph.

It's a beautiful ride through the base.  One lane roads, open country to the right, gorgeous ocean to the left.  All was going according to plan, until we hit the North gate...

... we road around the barriers, ignored the road closed sign, and introduced ourselves to machine gun totting 20something who were not impressed with our fancy underwear and inability to follow directions.

Turn around?


Didn't you see the barriers?


Back to where you came from.

We just wanna get home.

Too bad.

We'll take Basilone.

You do that.

Now all 6 of us, those two and us four, knew the Basilone route is verbotten for der bikes.  They even have nice signs saying Getthehellouttahere.

But, we were tired and hungry and too dern close to home to care.

Which meant...

... we rode some of the most beautiful roads you'll never see.  Mostly to ourselves.  Especially me... I kept getting dropped on every rolling hill, of which there are a plenty.

It was so worth it.

One of the best rides of my life, even though I was hating on my friends for continually dropping me.  As Surfergirl so nicely pointed out... a bit of your medicine, eh. Dawgawnher!

We got back to town, I road straight to Surfin Donuts thinking of a huge apple fritter.


Across the street was a gas station.  I came out with candy bars and bananas for all.

End of story.

I read a great quote today, 
If it scares you, you should definitely do it.

Right now LoToJa's 204 miles from Logan UT to Jackson Hole WI is definitely scaring me.

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164 lbs (too much loading last night)
Stretch and HyperVolt
7 hours sleep