60/40... WELL PUNK?

AM I 60 OR 40? WAS THE QUESTION WHEN I ROLLED OUT THIS MORNING.  Ya gotta love the rainy season and the nebulous percent predictions.  When the app says 60% chance of rain, I always wonder...

Will I ride in the 40% or soak in the 60%?

FunFact: when the app says 60%, it means 60% of the time with conditions like today it's going to rain... it doesn't mean it's to be dry on 40% of the ride.

Well punk, do you feel lucky?

I opted to go, and took my MTB. My road bike is too perty, and I want to keep it race-ready.  The MTB has awesome disc brakes, and I am not going to be racing it any time soon.  

But, all that got me thinking... I really should have a back up road bike, a "cheapo" that's the exact same fit as my race bike.  Fortunately for me, and a lot of riders, the bike I ride actually comes in a really affordable version. If that's not on offer, just find a Craig's List Special.  I think I'll order one up. 

I've always wanted to have a back up bike,
it's weird that I've never had one,
not that I deserve it, or I'm pro,
but, it did rain on me.
Just my luck...

(right before it poured)

Save the dates:  HUNKR 3/17, 6/9, 11/10 – TMWC 7/10