3 Ways To Snag PRs


I've surprised myself quite a bit lately... and I think it has everything to do with a slight change of habit.  The old ways are being replaced by new ways.  The curious thing is according to the nerds at Strava my Fitness is quite a bit lower than it was in January, when I getting ready for the first race of the year.

Yet, I've snagged a number of PRs.

How can this be... an old diesel getting better?

Well, here's one way to PR... and I can't 'splain it.

With all the rage about fatter tires and lower pressure being faster... why the heck am I faster on my gravel bike on a lot of fire roads than on my MTB with fatter, softer tires? 

That shouldn't happen.

But it does, a lot.

Here's another way I've been PRing... the last coupla weeks, as I've scouted a 100k gravel route that I'm calling the Gravel Goon, I've hit trails near our old place where we lived 5 years ago.  5 years ago, I was 10 lbs heavier and a whole lot weaker.

Less weight + more strength = more PRs.

But, the biggest difference is the change in training during the last month.  No group rides, which is how I traditionally get my intensity in.  Which means... while I've been putting in some pretty big weeks, I've been building my base... growing my capillaries, my aerobic capacity.

While I haven't been chasin' PRs, I have snagged quite a few.

Long live the PR quest!


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164.6 lbs 
Shoulders/Abs with Loran + 100 pushups
7 hours sleep <- not enough
rained out.

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