THERE'S A BIG BET EVERY WILEY VET PLACES AT SOME POINT ON A VERY FAST RIDE.  Take today for instance.  We have this hill called  Church hill, not 'cause you'll meet your maker there, but there's church at the top...

... and 3 lights separating you from deliverance.

Now, you could skip the reckoning altogether by simply cutting through the golf course on the preceding climb.

But, where's the fun in that when you could try your luck at 3 Light Stud?

This is a gentlemen's game, for the distinguished and wise and Igotnothing among the group.

The colts don't even know we're playing.  Every light for them is a chance to load the starting gate and sprint off.  They are so full of juice, riding their fancy carbon rigs, perfectly toned legs.  Lights are their place to shine.

Today I played it and got dealt a winning hand.

I'd messed up the preceding climb, was tempted to short cut it, but rode on... came over the top and saw the light at the bottom of the hill was red.  It's a right hander, and the colts had to slow down.  

They jumped hard, racing up the hill.

At a full gallop I took the turn and was about to start sprinting to catch when the second light turned red.

It turned green.

Colts jump with blinders on.

I never slowed and trotted right up.

But, they're charging hard.

I see the sorry sunsaguns that short cut through the golf course popping onto the road ahead... the colts see 'em as rabbits to be caught and devoured.

Damn, I'm thinking.

I'm about to dig hard and that third light goes red reigning in the colts and sunsaguns.

I lope up, light turns green, and easily gallop over the top with the fastest of the herd.

That my friends is a winning hand of 3 Light Stud.

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162.4 lbs
Stretch and Roll
7 hours sleep 

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