HATE IS A STRONG WORD.  I hate what Jeff Bezos' Amazon did to our little tshirt business.  Destroying it by refusing to protect us from counterfeiters.  But, I gotta hand it to the guy...

... he focuses on the right things.

Here are the top 3 takeaways:

We are what we choose... and in this case, we choose to be bike racers.  We each have our reasons, but I suspect it boils down to friendship. 

My friend(s) are riding and racing bikes.  It seems like fun.  I'll give it a try. 

Or, I met some really cool cats out riding.  They seem to have their shiz together.  I'll be doing a lot more riding and racing because these people inspire me and make me feel included.

High standards.  We know what they are, but sometimes we can't put our finger on them.

We know we want to win, but we rarely actually - if ever - win a bike race.

We don't need to if we have high standards for ourselves. 

It could be creating our own race to smash a PR, or simply hit a certain metric like weight or hours ridden per week.  It could be knowing how to repair anything or simply knowing enough to fix a flat and get back riding.  It could be learning how to fuel our bodies so our energy is strong all day long.  It could be riding a tricky rocky section without putting our feet down - dabbing.

The point is, it's hard to the define the true wins... 

... but we sure has heck recognize them when our standards are high.

Nowhere in the book does he mention focusing on sales as a top priority.  The top priority is always customer experience...

... and this stood out to me the most.

I'd be lying if I told you I was always on the same page when it comes to customer experience.  Somewhere I picked up that it's all about the sales numbers.  That's an inherently bad focus, and I've fallen in it's trap much more than I care to admit.

The devil is right when he says it's all about obsession with customer experience. It's definitely an area where I think we can improve, a lot.

If we choose to.

If we set our standards high enough.

I'll never put our products on Amazon again, but I sure as helk will do all I can to blow your minds every single day by continuing to improve our offerings.

I wasn't asking for feedback when we recently shipped our first orders of our new Pro jersey out.  But the comments started coming in and I thought you'd be interested.

Did you know 90% of our apparel production is custom?

For teams?

That our minimum order is one (1) item?

If you're looking for something rad for your team, we can have your store up and running quickly and beautiful product delivered right to you door.

Made in USA.

From Italian fabrics.

Designed by cats who race, with high standards for performance and comfort.



Stretch and HyperVolt