WHEN I WAS YOUNG WARTHOG - when he was a young warthog! - I wondered if my biker legs would easily carry me up the treacherous slopes of Mount Everest.  

I read Into Thin Air as prep for Leadville.

I thought I had a grip on it.

Today I spent 1 hour on Everest... by that I mean I explored what it would be like to do the Everest Challenge - 29,029' in 1 day.  I climbed 2800ish feet in 1 hour.  

The gradients were too steep to climb seated, or at high cadence.  And, too tricky to relax on the decent.

So many questions surfaced:

Best average gradient?
Best time of day to start?
Best nutrition strategy?
Long 30-60 minute climb?
Short 12-20 minute climb?
Where is a shaded climb?
Where would the wind be light or favorable?
What gears to run?

After that first hour of dedicated climbing, I meandered home and knocked another 1600ish feet.

I think I could average 2000'/hour, which would mean 15ish hours.  That would be 6 hours longer than Leadville and LoToJa.

It would be a massive challenge.

To start, I'm going to knock out 29,029' over the course an upcoming week.  Even that will be about 50% more climbing than I've ever down in a week and nearly 3X my average week.

I don't know if there's a PR tracker for that...

... but I do know our t-shirts get KOMs for being the softest t's on the planet.  Trust me, these will be your all time faves.


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164 lbs 
50 Pullups
7.75 hours sleep