Scott Spark 900 World Cup 2019

Scott Spark 900 World Cup 2019

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Along with these upgrades:

Power2Max powermeter $500
Roval Control SL 29 wheels - ceramic bearings. $1900
Arundel carbon cage $80
I'll throw in the original wheels which I rode maybe 10 times. $800

Size Large.

I TEND TO GET SENTIMENTAL ABOUT MY BICYCLES... they are like mistresses... after epic adventures, training miles, and the occasional win of some sort... awww, so hard to let go.

Take Sparky.

Purchased nigh 18 months ago for the single purpose of PRing Leadville.


Very, very light.
Kicka$$ handling to fly down the mountains.
Complete lock out for the long steady and sometimes paved climbs.

I wasn't taking any chances and after doing my research the Scott Spark was the top choice.

How light?
22ish lbs.

How good is the handling?

On the Powerline downhill I recorded the 2nd fastest time ever in my age group, and fastest time of 2019 in my age group.
On the Columbine downhill I recorded the 3rd fastest time ever in my age group on, fastest time of Leadville 2019 in my age group.

How important was that full lock out?

PR'd these climbs:

St. Kevins
Sugarloaf Outbound
... and 47 seconds of my PR on Powerline (over 40 minutes long)

But I expected all that because I'd had a very similar result at the Tahoe 100 where I got the V.

So... when it came time to put Sparky up for sale today it wasn't easy. Such a fast, fast bike helped me accomplish my big goal of last year.

Yes, I trained hard. Yes, I dropped 10lbs. Yes, I did everything I could think of to get that PR...

... Yes, Sparky is fast and looking for a new home.

Price $4500.

More photos here:

I didn't ride it much after Leadville... here's the Strava Link:

PEDALposse, hit me up for special pricing.

Oh, and that PR? Yeah, 8:15.