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Leg Length
Cargo Pockets On Legs

THE PRO BIB 2.0 : RaceDay ready. Optimized for performance.

Be sure to check size chart before ordering

We are hyper focused on helping you Rip On RaceDay. When we make improvements to our kits performance is top of mind. The 2.0 Pro bib has been fine tuned through countless hours on the bike, by riders like you and the team here at Pedal Industries.

The 2.0 iteration was all about fit, how the bib lays on the body in riding position. No hot spots, bunching, or restriction. Just a fit so good, you'll forget all about the bib.

Of course graphics are important, and we've made some pretty rad ISD ( In Stock Designs ), but if you want to be the best version of yourself, and show your personal style,  we'll make you a custom kit. Shipped in just 4 weeks!

The Pro Bib is our aero, pro-level bib.

The 2.0 updates
  • Improved Fit - scary good fit. No you're not naked, but you'll fell like it
  • Upgraded chamois pad - multilayer foam = soft and firm at the same time (magic)
  • Improved straps - Seamless lay-flat straps banish bunching and irritation 
  • Optional Leg Pockets
Famous Features
  • Incredible 100% Italian Fabrics
  • Terra-bands at the ends of the legs - lay perfectly flat on your skin


Do you make a lower level bib? 
We used to, but so few people ordered it we discontinued it in 2018.

How do I wash my bibs?
Machine washing inside out is acceptable.  Always hang to dry.