YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO SNEAK A NEW BIKE PURCHASE PASSED THE TRAINED WATCH DOGS IN OUR LIVES, RIGHT?  Well, I don't even try any more.  I used to always upgrade the same color.  Not any more...

... now I just tell a story.

I got a new helmet.

It's very shiny and red.

Yes, I had to.  


Yep, Chris said we should never let a helmet go longer than three years.  Because it degrades.  The shocky absorby stuff.  And, as you know I to protect what gray matter I've got, right?

... she doesn't hesitate...

You know you've always got a story as to how this or that is necessary or doesn't really matter in the big picture.  You know that, right?

Uh... yeah... and in this case I'll go with necessary.

Because your gray matter hasn't mattered in the big picture for a long time.

Kiss before I leave?

See, it's not even a negotiation any more.  We all you know, me and Surfergirl and you, that purchase has gotta happen.