How The Boogie Man Can Make You Faster, Better, Stronger

There’s a new dude on our ride.

He’s a goof.

Sits on, and sits on, and then punches my ticket when it counts.

He’s the Boogie Man as far as I’m concerned, a real you know what. AND, his riding style is just off the range of acceptable so as to add a few extra beats a minute – probably wasting what little adrenaline I might have as well.

This is just the kind of person one would like to ride away from – easily.  Ho-hum, off with you.

But, my boogie man is getting faster.  He’s hanging on longer, and I do fear he’s going to pass me up.

Propelled by the twin motivations of beating the Boogie Man when it suits me and the even more awesome terror of being whipped, I am focused.  The troops are being rallied: better food, sleep, training.

Hopefully the Boogie Man gets really, really fast.  That will make it a great season for sure.

I’ll thank him someday, might even get to know him.