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1. Have a fun group of guys to go to the races and rides with.

2. Help our sponsors get social media traction

a. We are making a conscious effort to Support Our Local Bike Shops

i. We will put your local bike shop on the side panels of your jersey

ii. We are not asking your local shop for cash, simply to continue the awesome support they already give you. If you need a local shop, we can help you with that.

b. We are actively looking for sponsors outside the industry, and your help is welcome.

c. Industry sponsors will be on the manufacturer level.




1. Pay annual membership of $200.

a. Includes 1 custom kit… additional custom kits with your shop will be available for $130 – vest and warmers will also be available at 40% off retail

2. Wear team kit(s) as much as possible

3. Make your last name on Strava be “PEDALindustries”

4. Post at least one Strava ride to FB per week and tag our sponsors

5. Post pics to Instagram with sponsor tags


What you get:


1. Very special pricing on PEDALindustries gear – 50% off retail

2. Free product and discounts from our sponsors

3. Race reimbursement from annual dues and any cash sponsors we pick up

4. Support at races – as much as we can

5. Commaderie


If you’re receiving this note we’d love to have you involved.


Anybody can join simply by asking.


If you want to join, simply pay your annual membership and we’ll email you a promo code to place your gear order.


We need to get the gear order in ASAP. If you need to try on gear for sizing, please make arrangements to stop by the office.


Ride On!, tb


Current and growing list of sponsors:


Bowl of Heaven, RSM location only – 20% off

WEND cycling wax – free product and discounts

Hand Up gloves – free product and discounts

DHDwear – free product and discounts

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