Pirelli Cinturato™ Gravel H
Pirelli Cinturato™ Gravel H

Pirelli Cinturato™ Gravel H

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What we say:

This tire rolls really fast in a straight line, and corners well once on edge... it's a little dicey getting to the edge, but definitely holds once there.

What they say:

The Cinturato™ Gravel Hard Terrain is a gravel-specific tyre designed for compact terrain and the hardest surfaces. The tread features low, tightly packed knobs and elevated ability to adapt to the terrain, offering a large contact area and therefore excellent feel while riding.

The special SpeedGRIP Compound adds features of mechanical resistance and chemical grip without compromising the rolling efficiency. Cinturato™ Gravel Hard Terrain is a high-performance tyre with unique characteristics of grip in all weather conditions, be they dry or wet, plus a high level of puncture protection.

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