Ride Faster With AMP PR LOTION
Ride Faster With AMP PR LOTION
Ride Faster With AMP PR LOTION

Ride Faster With AMP PR LOTION

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What we say:

There's no way we'd show up to race without PR Lotion.

From the first time you use it, you'll know...

You'll be saying things like, It's super weird, I've never felt better.

For short races, apply before.

For epic rides and races double up.  Put on when you rise, then apply again before you head out.


While using PR Lotion, cyclists completed 25% more (p=0.009) high-intensity intervals before exhaustion when compared to control without any adverse side effects.

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What they say: 

PR Lotion is the only high-tech sports lotion that unlocks the natural electrolyte bicarb. It is used by athletes at every level to reach training goals faster. Next Gen PR Lotion has a new and improved texture that dries faster and goes on smoother than Original PR Lotion.


  • Groundbreaking skin absorption technology
  • New and improved formula
  • Quick to dry
  • Safe for sport
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Made in the USA

Each standard tube supports 10-15 workouts.

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