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Receiving My Dues

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The funny thing about paying my dues with my time and talents in anything is that I always seem to receive much more than I ever paid.

There are plenty of clubs and subscriptions I’ve paid into over time.  I keep paying if the return is equal or great to the value paid.

But that personal sacrifice, where I give of myself, always over pays.

Certain organizations, clubs and people merit our time.  Many people, have time to give.  Does my organization merit their contribution?  Is my vision grand enough?


If We Don’t Change

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Chinese Proverb –

If we don’t change our direction, we’re likely to end up where we are headed.


Absurd Standard of Readiness

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Before 16 year old Jay can attempt surfing a true killer, Mavericks, he must pass his mentor’s tests.

In Chasing Mavericks, the indie surf movie now playing, we are escorted into the world of surfing truly killer waves.  The old wizard gives the boy two simple, measurable, and absurd standards of readiness:

–  Hold his breath for 4 minutes under water

–  Paddle 36 miles across the Monterrey Bay

Every athlete thinks he  or she knows what it takes to reach the highest heights. Every sport has it’s mentors, the experienced wizards who have lived to tell the tell, to truly understand what it takes.

If you had to pick two standards to focus on this year what would they be?

–  __________________?

–  __________________?

The movie is awesome, and it definitely made me want to Live Like Jay.

Why Black?

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When everybody is doing the Black Friday promo, why aren’t we doing Gobble Wednesday?

… some folks just want to gobble up a great deal and could be sporting sweet new gear on the Thursday Turkey ride.

I got lucky today

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I laid in bed at 5:50am.  To ride or not to ride?  Roll over and sleep I told myself.  5:58, trying to sleep rarely works for me.  6:07, still up?  Might as well get your runny nose out there, just take it easy.

Hammering on the bike when sick will generally give you one of two results:  make you sicker or heat your body enough to kill the cold.

I rolled out to the TMWC, tried to keep the pace down. That only works for so long with this crew.  Eventually the groupthink sucks us all in.

I got lucky today, I feel great!