Why every town needs and often has a TMWC

Because it’s fun to ride with and meet new people.

Because faster people make me better.

Because the same course shows improvement.

Because the same time makes it dependable.

Because fast folks need a way to give back and help new folks.

Because together we achieve more.

Because if I know you will be there, I’ll get outta bed.

Because you give me real feedback.

Because that doughnut is easier to drop if I know the consequence is being dropped.

Because it’s a diverse group that enriches my life.

Because I like people. Because we can engage for good.

Because we can support each other professionally.

Because I get back early and can get my work done.

Because my lover gets it that I need a hobby and an outlet.

Because we support each other in sickness and health.

Because old kids like beating old guys they thought were fast.

Because old guys like seeing new, young blood.

Because runners are people too (and their running days are numbered).

Because it’s good to teach others how to ride in a group and the tactics to stay on – should they ever want to race.

Because it’s just once a week.