I TELL MYSELF TO PULL MY HEAD OUTTA MY GLASS ALL THE TIME.  So much of my day is spent looking at glass:  the computer monitor, the “smart” phone, the TV screen, the tablet.  Some of it is for work, too much of it is utter nonsense.

And, I’m not alone.

Addiction is weird, when I’m on my glass trip I don’t notice the rest of the addicts as much.  How could I?  I’m tripping the glass fantastic.

Bike riding is such a great antidote to the glass addiction.

There’s no way to ride fast and do glass.  Well, there is, but it doesn’t take much for it all to go horribly wrong.  That’s why you don’t see bike riders staring at glass.  The only glass on my bike is the tiny bike computer, but I don’t pay much attention to it these days.

Riding my bike today was like a scary movie, the one where the protagonist goes into the dark and dingy hall of a drug house.  You know, where people are sticking needles in their arms and their eyes are glassed over.  The druggies are like zombies, not talking to each other, not contributing to society.  They are oblivious to the sober hero.

On the way to the beach trail, I peered into cars at stoplights.  Many drivers not looking at the road or stoplight, just glazed… getting a brief hit of glass.

Along the trail, people walked; many with their heads down staring at glass.  Nearly all of the trail users had headphones in crammed in their ears.

Imagine that, a stunning afternoon with an amazing low tide.  The waves rolling ashore.  The birds swooping and chirping.  Lots of other humans sucked into their glass instead of into life itself.

The bike frees me from glass,

So does playing chess with my son Shane.

As does a really great book,

Anything to get rid of that glazed look.