ONE OF THE BEST TRICKS YOU CAN PULL ON AN UNSUSPECTING FRIEND is to invite them on a ferocious group ride under the guise of it being just a social ride.  It's just so fun, and entertaining...

... which is why we all cave to the temptation on occasion.

Tongue in cheek is always a good time.

Take the name of our local group ride a few of us started 18 years ago:  The Tuesday Morning World Championships.  It's mainly a bunch of cats that like to ride and have actually only raced a handful of times.

To us, the name is a joke.

To the uninitiated the name is intimidating, frightening.

Which is exactly why we tone it down for our annual shindig...

... the unOFFICIAL TMWC. 

We'll do the same course, sprint for the same 15mph sign, come back and do the annual awards.

For most of us, it's the only race we'll do all year...

... other than every other Tuesday in between.

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9.5 hrs 
20 PullUps 40 Super PushUps + Kettle Bell
Stretch + Hypervolt
60 minutes reading books + journaling