I KNOW I’M AN OKAY CLIMBER, DESCENT SPRINTER AND RIPPING DESCENDER.  I know what type of courses suit my bag of tricks.

What’s weird is I rarely work on my sprint… and a lot races come down to a sprint.

There are two parts to sprinting that I could work on:  one is science, and one is art.

The science part is pretty simple and you can do it alone.  Figure out how far you can sprint.  Then, just practice that a lot… the wind up and the knock out punch of it all.  You can lift weights and do plyometrics to build power.

But, it’s the art part that makes a winner a winner and everybody else… losers.  The art is feeling the wind, smelling the angst, sensing the posers and clawing onto the players.

The artful sprinter uses all six senses and unleashes an elegant fury at just the right moment.
Doing it with ease and calm.
All others are winded,
the artful one is the wind.

…wake up Todd, quit dreaming.  Do what you love to do, long epic rides… ride yourself into ecstasy…

… oh, wow… what a dream… which reminds me of the nightmare I have planned for Saturday:

Swami’s Long.  It’s a terrible ride.  Horrifically fast.  With fire breathing demons who give no quarter and spare nobody… specially outta towners.

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