I GOT WAXED TODAY, NOT THAT KIND… my bike got a brand new, waxed chain from WEND.  I picked up the chain when I ran into Ryan Dahl at the Swami’s team meeting.  He had a handful of his newest creation and I had to have it.  Why, because waxed is faster… watts faster.

He only had a few chains.

They aren’t even available on the website, so I can’t even tell you how to get one.

What I can tell you is this… my chain is a top of the line SRAM chain, professionally stripped and waxed at the WEND factory then shrink-wrapped and sealed.

With some assistance from my friend Jon, we cut the chain to the proper length… It had been a while since I cut a chain and I was a little hesitant, but I’ve decided it’s time to start being more self-sufficient with my wrenching and asked for some help.

Ryan told me it takes a good ride to break in the chain, so I spun 25 miles around town.

One thing I noticed right off is how quiet the chain runs.  It’s nearly silent.

What does a waxed chain promise… 2-5 watts in power saved, or 15 seconds in a 40k TT.

Do I need it?… I need every advantage I can find… Don’t you?


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