Giving It Up

Not that I’m a control freak, more like I enjoy every aspect of the business.  Handing over the reigns on certain parts of the business is easier said than done.  So, why hand anything over?

Free up time for my most productive activities.

Plus add talent that is better than what I possess.

Equals serving more people, better.

Back to easier said than done, back to my economics studies of late.  Participation in the labor market is down, yet it takes companies much longer to make new hires.  From my own experience, this means it’s harder than ever to find good people… it also means it’s easier than ever for good people to engage in the economy.

What is good?… well, that’s a dumb question.  Good isn’t good enough.

What is a great addition to your team is a much better question.  We needed an art director for PEDALindustries, great = really creative graphic artist, passionate about cycling.  We also needed a production manager, great = excellent attention to detail and ability to track many moving parts.

As an organization and as people, we want to be irreplaceable to our customers and each other.  When you give up some of what you do, you get much better at making your biggest impact.