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LAST TIME CHRIS CARMICHAEL CAME TO VISIT… 300 people joined me at the Oakley building.


Because Chris is the number 1 Cycling coach in the world.

This time, it’s going to be more intimate.

On October 11th a few of us, less than 10, are going to have dinner with Chris and get the juicy stories and specific ideas only he can share.  The rest of us, will join for dessert and a live podcast with Brian Co – The SoCal Cyclist.

… I hope you can make it …

Here are your two options:

5:00 PM – Dinner & Dessert

Your choice from Guicho’s – San Clemente’s wonderful Itallian cuisine.

A signed copy of Chris’ book

1 month of coaching from CTS.

This is your opportunity to hang out and talk with one of the most influential people in cycling today… Chris is super approachable.

7:00 PM – Dessert

Includes a delicious helping of sugar and fat – it’s the offseason – while participating in the live taping of The SoCal Cyclist podcast. 

During dessert, Brian Co will be doing a live Podcast of The SoCal Cyclist.  He’ll interview Chris, and take your questions… so be prepared to participate.


Click here to secure your spot.


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