HE LOOKS LIKE A FAMOUS JEW who roamed around 2000 years ago.  But, he’s a heartless bike racer.  And, an even more evil bike event promoter.

The HARDMAN Invitational is a horrible bike ride/race.  It’s always in an infernal month, it mixes road and gravel and lots of plain old dirt.  But, it’s in sunny Southern California where nobody is actually all that tough. Right?


If you’re lucky enough to get invited you’ll be there.  Because it’s hard.  Because it will challenge all your skills.  Because it goes right up Maple Springs and down Harding Truck Trail – two iconic dirt roads on Saddleback Mountain.  Because the field will be whittled down to small groups of comrades who end up riding the entire distance together – returning battered and beaten and better than when they started.

All that terribleness, and you’re going to pay for it too.

Why does Mike do it?

Not for the entertainment.

He does it as a fundraiser for Community Outreach Alliance, specifically so at-risk youth can participate in bike riding activities.

Will this earn him forgiveness for his heartless racing and evil promoting?

I doubt it.

But who cares?

He’s putting in the time and effort to make you a HARDMAN

(PS… if you’re reading this, you’re invited.)