What We Do

You come to us when you’re ready to work with one company:

     *  That totally gets your vibe

     *  Has the striking product you want to showcase your brand

     *  Can take you from concept to competition

Working with you, one on one, we will design and produce your dream custom cycling gear, just like we do for our other famous and discriminating customers.

You want kits that stand out, stand up and fit awesome?

Our high-end cycling kits are produced in Europe, using 100% Italian fabrics.  You will look and feel like a pro. We also have product for the cost conscious teams and events that we make in the USA and China.

You want casual wear that compliments an athlete’s body?

You’ve worked hard to be fit, and look great.  We do too… so we only use the softest cottons, touchless inks, and athletic cut garments.  You’re not vain, you’re an athlete.

You want a great canopy, one that will hold up and doesn’t weigh a ton?

You’re art will pop and be seen from far away.  You’ll be able to easily handle our lightweight aluminum frame.

You want socks that actually match your kit?

Not only will your kit match, but you’ll get the socks in a few weeks and you don’t need to order hundreds of pair.

Why trust us?

If we work together, it’s because we like you and feel we can be a great partnership.

Our partner/customer relations depend on us delivering your product on time, as ordered.

You’ll soon see ideas and concepts you’ll love – our location in the epicenter of action sports will keep you immersed in new and cutting edge products and processes.

Don’t take our word for it, call us and we’ll send you references.

We look forward to working with you!

… now go ride your bike!

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