The Posse

Pedal Posse Star logoYou are part of the movement if:

You love to ride you bike

You race for the experience and fun of competition

You are constantly inviting friends and family to get out and ride

You teach newbies the basics

You support your local bike shop

You are part of the Posse if:

You ask to join

You pay your due$

You’re loyal

You put family, fun, others and personal growth first

Your last name on social media is PEDALindustries

You post like a crazy person and hashtag the heck out of our sponsors

You help out

What you get as part of the Posse…  nothing, except:

Riding with good peeps

Special access to our awesome gear

Race support – don’t expect a bus and/or massage

Hook ups – less than you want, probably more than you deserve

To join the team:

Fill out the form below.