How We Do What We Do

Living in the epicenter of the action-sports world, we are constantly inspired and in touch with incredible design.

Let’s get together, in person or virtually, and develop designs representing your tribe and vibe.

Your designs are then mocked up on products you want, so you see them before we go into production.

Once you approve all the designs, we go into production.

Production occurs around the globe – from Europe to China to Central America to the USA.  Our factories are expert in producing what we have designed.

You might ask yourself, shouldn’t I go with a company that makes everything in-house?

That’s a great question.

Like Apple and Fox and Oakley and other famous California brands, we prefer to do all the R&D ourselves and source the world for the best contractors.  Many contractors come to us with their latest innovations.  This keeps us nimble and on top of the best technologies.

SIDE NOTE: We have already tested the heck out of these products.  We’ve already raced in the kits, hauled and set up canopies, drank from the water bottles, worn the socks on and off the bike, hung out in the t-shirts, etc.  This is proven product and it kicks @#$!