Custom Built Canopies, Flags, Banners and more


You got a brand, a team, a shop, an event… THINK BIG!

All our canopies are printed in beautiful color, on every single panel.

Send us your art, and we will create a lifelike FREE virtual canopy for you to approve before we go into production.  This way you know exactly what you’re getting before you get it.

When we say send us your art, we mean send us what you have.  If you have cycling kits, lets create canopies and banners that are perfectly aligned with what you already have going on.  We’ll work the sponsor logos that need to be recognized into the entire canopy, and your sponsors will love seeing the logos much larger than the back pocket of your jersey.

Make your A-frame folding bike rack look pro, make it stand out from the crowd and easy to find.