What friends are forRobot:  JR says let’s go back to Barnburner and get revenge.

Todd:  Barnburner was revenge.  It was horrid.  Awful. A..

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TMWC Shout Out

As we prepare for the final TMWC of 2012, I wanted to give a shout out to the pioneers.

About 10 years ago I moved out to Coto and told..

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Tribes Are All Powerful

Example:  Team Un-named just cut a deal to buy directly from Builder-X.

Tribes have the power, more than ever.

If you’re not building..

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Death by Digital

We’re so hip, spending most of our wake time in front of a small glass window peering into the moving I/O’s of our counterparts and..

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Nice Attitude

So much of smooth, effortless cycling is about you.

Your attitude determines everything.

It’s about your approach, your confidence, your..

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Let’s Get Lucky

How is it that new guy gets a zillion flats while the group waits/helps to fix/or just rides on?

It’s called Luck.

How is it that new guy..

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Are you insane?

Boys, are you insane*… really, are you content having Ford drill you into submission each week?

I’m not happy with that… so here’s what..

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Receiving My Dues

The funny thing about paying my dues with my time and talents in anything is that I always seem to receive much more than I ever..

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If We Don’t Change

Chinese Proverb –

If we don’t change our direction, we’re likely to end up where we are headed.


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Absurd Standard of Readiness

Before 16 year old Jay can attempt surfing a true killer, Mavericks, he must pass his mentor’s tests.

In Chasing Mavericks, the indie..

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Why Black?

When everybody is doing the Black Friday promo, why aren’t we doing Gobble Wednesday?

… some folks just want to gobble up a great deal..

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I got lucky today

I laid in bed at 5:50am.  To ride or not to ride?  Roll over and sleep I told myself.  5:58, trying to sleep rarely works for me.  6:07,..

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Single & Loving IT

by Todd Brown   (Previously printed in Competitor Magazine)

After a 35-year span of racing and riding all sorts of two wheelers, I can..

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Watching is NOT Doing

Watching is NOT Doing.

While watching a great cyclist on TV or Live is thrilling and even inspiring it will not actually make me faster..

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Training with the best…

Train with the best, and lift the rest.

It’s not a mantra, it’s a goal.

To keep myself sharp, I constantly search out the best riders and..

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“The Force Behind Me”

“Dad was always the force behind me.”

While eulogizing his father, my cousin shared the story of his first two wheeler.

At age 7, he was..

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Just because it worked for Henry…

Today, in our business, the shops and teams and events that are selling the most apparel are those with options – colors, designs, patterns, fabrics, etc.

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